Monthly Archives: May 2013

This Sunday…

… we’re continuing our Disciple-Making Disciples series during Sunday School (10AM) with Week 4-The Church Meeting.  We’re also continuing our sermon series “Stop Believing in God” during Worship (11AM) with the message “Jesus & the Samaritan Woman.”  All are welcome to join us and we have children’s classes during both Sunday School and worship!

Daily Bible Reading Plan

If you’re looking for some focus in you daily devotions, try following along with us in our daily Bible readings.  We’ve been reading through various books of the New Testament 2-3 chapters each day.  So far we’ve covered the four Gospels and the book of Acts.  Now it’s time to tackle “Go Eat PopCorn”, or Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians.  You can find this reading plan at ( or on the Bible app on your smartphone.
Today’s installment of our daily Bible reading plan is Galatians 1&2.  The book of Galatians was originally a letter written by Paul.  This letter was for the church located in Galatia, which today would be in central Turkey.  Paul had brought the gospel to Galatia, which was a Gentile (non-Jewish people) area.  Since his original visit Jewish teachers from Jerusalem had traveled to Galatia and began to teach that in order for a Gentile to be a Christian, he would have to hold to Mosaic Law.  This goes against Paul’s teaching that the only requirement to become a Christian was belief in Jesus Christ as your Savior.  This letter was written largely to combat this thought that there was any other requirements to becoming a Christian.  As a result of this focus, this letter became a major tool in the Protestant Reformation.

New Sermon Series!


Starting this Sunday, May 19th, we’ll be starting our new sermon series: Stop Believing in God.  Here is a list of the sermon titles and dates:

May 19th:
God Wants to be Known

May 26th:
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

June 2nd:
Jesus and Mary, Martha, and Lazarus

June 9th:
Jesus and the Disciples

June 16th:
Jesus and Peter

Disciple-Making Disciples


Tonight at 7PM we start a 7-week course called: Disciple-Making Disciples! This course is going to help us get into the mindset and practice of being the kind of disciples that Jesus calls us to be: disciples who make/train other disciples. Each lesson will be offered at two times: Wednesday at 7PM and Sunday at 10AM; feel free to attend one or both gatherings.